Pirates, keelhauling and firing canons during the Mahone Bay Pirate Festival & Regatta!

  • Posted on: 27 July 2013
  • By: admin

The Mahone Bay Pirate Festival & Regatta is starting next week and the crew of Tall Ship Larinda are getting ready for battle! In just a couple more days this historical replica of the 1760 Schooner “Sultana”, set sails over the LaHave River. Heading north, the Larinda will follow the gorgeous coastal line of Nova Scotia toward the picture perfect Maritime town of Mahone Bay, established in 1754.
This will be the 4th annual Mahone Bay Regatta starting August 2nd to 5th of 2013. It's all about a community’s celebration of the region's historic and playful relationship with the sea. Classic boats, pirate exhibits, marauding buccaneers, musicians and competitive sailing events will entertain and engage the whole family during these days of festivity and fun! There will be several exhibits on the history of local piracy. Experience pirate history for yourself and go on a tour of Oak Island. Watch out for the 200th anniversary of the Burning of the Young Teazer.
Join Tall Ship Larinda and its crew; Cut-throat Bob, Flint-hearted MacDarrel, Bounty-hunter Chris, Art the Fearful-one and several other pirates in Mahone Bay. Watch the ship in the pirate boat parade during the opening of this amazing event starting at 1800 hours sharp.
Classic and modern yachts, large and small vessels will compete for prizes and trophies throughout the event. The first races start on Saturday, August 3rd at 1300 hours. A less formal competition is planned just for fun; build and then race a boat completely made from recycled cardboard or compete in the famous dory races in front of the three churches. There are many prizes but expect some serious competition from marauding pirates (be sure not to be caught by any of them as they might hang you upside down to shake out some coin!).Prizes are awarded daily.
Good food and music are a big part of the Mahone Bay festivals. Watch musical buskers performing throughout town. Make sure to stop in any of the many restaurants to enjoy a drink and try some local seafood. Roam the famous summer flea market to find some of your own treasures to bring home. Enjoy the lovely boutique shops and experience the beauty and excitement of the 2013 Mahone Bay Pirate Festival and Regatta. There is no doubt you will bump into someone famous and rub shoulders with a pirate or two.
Join us and meet our crew but remember;
Dress like a pirate & act like one as any landlubber might be keelhauled or forced to walk the plank!

Tall Ship Larinda - Nova Scotia South Shore